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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Last week it was Floating Friday because of the rain.  This week it is Floating Friday because I think it is cute and whimsical.

Bill paying day is upon me.  Some days this feels like a blessing some days it’s a burden.  BLESSING!  I can just see the ??? marks popping out of your head.  Blessing because God has blessed us with the means to pay our bills.  Over time God has put out the stepping stones for my husband to reach a career that he loves and more then provides for our needs.  Now the burden…it is very frustrating because I see how many hours it takes to earn a pay check and the fact that when I pay bills it goes out the door in a matter of minutes, kind of gives me heartburn.

Speaking of heartburn I have it right now!  This has been a problem that has plagued me for some time.  I’ve had endoscopy that turned up nothing more then gastrititis in my stomach, that they said was probably caused from asprin…wow lot of help that was as it still left me with heartburn.  I’ve had an upper GI twice, both that proved I don’t have acid reflux, so still no answers.  Now they want me to do a 24 hour PH Study to measure the amount of acid in my stomach…I’m all for it if I knew that at the end of it I would have an answer that would lead me somewhere!  Any suggestions would be ever so great!

Last night my mother and I went out to eat for crabs (insert lame joke here) and they were delicious, I only wish we had, had more.

My “neighbors” down the street a 1/2 mile LMAO want to have a community yard sale this weekend, they figured the more people joining in the better chance they would have at action.  So I took the bait and said I would participate.  Looks like Hurricane Tropical Storm whatever she is Hanna is going to make it a Floating Saturday…I’m thinking save myself the trouble of putting the crap out and curl up on the couch with a lovely cup of something and a lifetime movie.  Sounds dreamy huh!  Actually I was kind of looking forward to that yard sale, we are going to Florida for a vacation and any extra loot is always welcome to ride along in my pocketbook.  Let the count down begin!

I guess thats all the random things I can think of for now.  Lucky for everyone no silly metaphors this week…just life in general.  Have a GREAT WEEKEND.  When life hands you lemons throw them at the silly fool who made your life sour to begin with.  (OKAY JUST KIDDING, don’t want anyone to take me seriously…someone might get hurt and unfortunately I don’t endorse bodily harm)


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