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The Week Ahead

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Routines and Habits

This is my goal, this is what I want to reinforce and accomplish this week.

I love list, I love a calendar, I love knowing what to expect…I do not on the other hand love it when I throw myself under the bus.  I have all the tools not to fail, but I often set myself up for failure.  I need to stick to the routines I have written, possibly incorporate new routines…but lets be realistic and take one step at a time.  I want to encourage good habits.  We eat organically in my household, but I can always convince myself to go out to eat or to by a soda, drink tea whatever…I really need to enforce good eating habits.  It’s at my finger tips, I just have to reach out and grab it.  I need to not go back to bed in the mornings, because thats part of what makes me feel groggy all day long.  Some “loving movement” (see flylady) wouldn’t hurt me either!  Of course there are other thing, but I think this will do for now.  Maybe I will try to elaborate more through the week, maybe not.  I need to live up to myself before I can live up too all of you, right?!

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