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Floating Friday

Friday, August 29, 2008

Why Floating Friday, because God blessed us with pouring down rain today and when I walked into the garage streaming puddles…otherwise this would have been called Lets Talk Friday.  I had intended to just tell you about life in general.

So, these streaming puddles came as no surprise.  Apparently the nitwit (sorry if you’re reading this nitwit, whoever you are?) who built the garage…didn’t use all of his brains for the process and this is what happens on heavily rainy days.

Moving on to what I had originally intended.

Watching TV this morning there was a commercial for Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner…things like this have a habit of triggering thought in this big elephant brain of mine and I thought wow, maybe I should replace my toilet bowl brush, it’s been awhile.  I mean I guess if you are using disinfectant in the potty along with the water this probably isn’t the dirtiest thing in my house…but I bet over time there is germ build up.  So as a favor to me…everyone replace your toilet bowl brush…besides maybe that have something new and pretty and exciting since the last time you bought one.

Next in line…Mid Year Resolutions.  Any of you ever make these.  It is always so easy to make them on New Years…I mean thats what everybody does and mostly everyone fails.  Maybe it’s time we work on Mid Year Resolutions as a private goal to ourselves.  Instead of telling people about it ahead of time, just tell yourself and when you reach that goal do the happy dance and shout it from the roof tops.  Wow, won’t people be surprised.

Taking a lesson from Mr. Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants).  LOL I know only I could think of a way to incorporate Mr. Krabs into everyday living.  This next thought also came from watching tv this morning.  It was an episode where Squidward was complaining about his job yet again and he takes the cash register and smashes it down.  All the money plops out klinking to the floor…a sound of course gets Mr. Krabs attention.  He rushes from his office to find his precious money on the floor, he quickly gathers it up and takes it to the kitchen to wash it…a coin goes down the drain and of course his claw goes down after it.  Yup, you guessed it…claw gets stuck and he won’t let go of the coin.  What is it I am getting at you ask?  Maybe we should all take a lesson and be slightly more greedy with our dollars and cents.  Stop and pick up a coin when you see it on the side walk.  When making a purchase consider want and need.  Discuss big purchases with a spouse.  The longer we take to think about something the better chance we have of talking ourselves out of it.  The one thing I personally need to work on is random stops at convenience and grocery stores…that usually aren’t needed.  Just a little something from me to you, to get you thinking.

P.S-Got plane tickets today…going to sunny (hurricane path Florida) for 6 days!

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  1. polkaspotfarm permalink
    Friday, August 29, 2008 3:46 pm

    my carport floods too, isn’t that crazy how professionals screw things up like that! I thought about that toilet brush thing, and I say they all need to be changed daily, but who would ever do that? How in the world did u come up with a Spongebob analogy? ROFL! love ya!

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